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Hello. I'm Shehroze Rashid,  B.S Process Management. Welcome to my web portfolio. #Open to Work

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B.S Individualized Study - Process Management


My Process Management Overview Video

Hot food initiative
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Throughout my tenure at 7-Eleven, it became evident that a pressing need existed for a pricing strategy that better catered to the lower socioeconomic class while bolstering the company's revenues. The solution materialized as an innovative approach to offering hot food: heating cold food post-sale.

Increasing food access: Tackling food insecurity in Maryland

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Sample B.S Degree Projects to prepare for a Career in Process Management.

# Value per dollar

# Constrained Design

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Rescue Robot Design

A project involving Inventor drawing, MATLAB, and teamwork to build a robot on a rescue mission. Competed in UMBC UROS competition.

# Design to Practice

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Stirling Engine

The Stirling engine will produce more work per a given time, or power, when the temperature difference between the hot and cold reservoir is greater and when the attached mass is lower

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Tank Drainage

The objective of this experiment is to develop four equations for the change in velocities and the change in height of a fluid exiting cylinder.

# Delivering End Product

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Capstone Cyclohexane Production

The design team has been assigned the task of designing and pricing a grassroots chemical process plant to produce 350 million pounds of cyclohexane per year at a stream rate of 96%

What can I do for you, with my experience and degree?

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Thank you for your guidance and support. 

Immensely grateful and a heartfelt thanks.


Dr. Freeland

Dr. Arenas

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Mr. McAlpine


Ms. Cudzilo

Ms. Sauter

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